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Job Pipe Bud Of Steel II - Reverse Calabash Special (Base Olive Wood )


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The First Reverse Calabash Pipe in Stainless Steel is Italian, it is Job Pipe. 
Technical features:
  • Length: 147 mm  Straight Shank  ( Lunghezza 147 mm )
  • Weight: 53 g       (Peso 53 gr)
  • Bowl Height: 52 mm  (Altezza 52 mm )
  • Chamber Depth: 29 mm  ( Profondità foro 29 mm )
  • Chamber Diameter: 18,50 mm (Diametro foro 18,50 mm )
  • Outside Diameter: 29 mm  ( diametro esterno 29 mm )
  • Stem Material: Methacrylate   (Bocchino in Metacrilato )
  • Filter: No
  • Shape: Steampunk Billiard ( Forma )
  • Finish: Smooth   ( Finitura Liscia Naturale )
  • Material: read below
  • Country: Italy 
Special Stainless Steel Bowl 
Removable (Reverse Calabash) Base in Olive Wood, with inner core in Tecnical specific Marterial (Watertight - Washable - does not absorb smoke residues)
2 Rings with Soft Touch Seals
Punching: Job Pipe Bud Of Steel Made in Italy 
- it must not be rubbed,
- it can be easily washed (water and 1 finger
- also in the internal base, but pay attention to the external briar) - it cannot be burned.
- In Smoke it heats up more than wood, because it conducts heat from the brazier towards the outside, but it does not generate heat itself!
- Tobacco that burns in steel releases wonderful flavors, as if it were an ideal element, as well as for cooking, even to smoke.
- The Base is designed to have an internal Smoke Expansion Chamber (reverse Calabash smoke cooler and drier effect) and to BE HANDLED during the Smoking
- So I recommend to keep Bud Of Steel while smoking in the Base. smoked, with a handkerchief, grasp the head, with a rotary movement detach it from the base, wash and dry, clean the base with a handkerchief, torch and mouthpiece with brush (even double) and you can already smoke again and again.
Bud Of Steel is exceptional, it facilitates smoking and the perfect perception of tobacco flavors. it's something you can only understand by trying it! 
I'm sure you will like it and be wary of those who, without knowing and having tested this pipe, claim that they don't smoke well, because they don't know.

The price of the pipe also includes the original pochette and extra o-rings (gaskets spare parts)

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"You will fall in love with this incredible tobacco pipe"